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Saturday, March 15, 2008

This Weekend

I will get one or two more stories out to you today, but barring any celestial invasions or lake monster sightings, that will likely be it until Monday or possibly Tuesday.

Monday, as you probably know, is National Drinking Day -- er, St. Patrick's Day. Being as I have red hair and green eyes, and am short with a big nose, I cannot hide my heritage; it would be a crime to my ancestors if I didn't honor their legacy by drinking until I fall-out on this, their most sacred of high holy days. I am also actually researching the holiday for a post on its origins, so there will be that.

Today, I am going to work behind-the-scenes to clean things up a bit, so there may be some churn. I also have some new sponsors that need ad placement and some general design issues to tackle, including a suitable color scheme.

As always, I welcome any and all suggestions -- so don't sit by, waiting for things to change! Welcome to all our new subscribers - even if you are old subscribers who were lost when the feed went down - and for those of you just finding us, make sure you subscribe so you can keep-up with goings-on. The OddBlog, moreso than any other blog I've ever had, is quite intermittent -- days go by without activity, then you get days like the past two to three, where the feed fills-up rapidly.

Anyway, if you are in this stormfront, as I am, it's a wet one -- so stay indoors and check out our archives!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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