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Monday, April 21, 2008

12:40 AM

I felt it again!  The earthquakes woke me up both times!

And, both times, I got up and recorded the times they occurred in my day planner with "quake?" beside it.   And, both mornings, I did a search and found that they were, in fact, exactly that.

It's interesting because this is my first experience(s) with an earthquake.   They both lasted far longer than I expected and, both times, I really had to make sure I wasn't dreaming or that maybe my leg was spasming or something along those lines.

The aftershock (or precursor) last night registered a 4.5, according to reports, and its epicenter was the same as the earlier quake.  I'm worried that this may signal a larger quake on the way and absolutely none of the people around where I live are in any way prepared for such an event.   I'm not sure I am, but I am at least educated enough to know how to survive.   These rednecks will be shooting each other and mass panicked...

My neighbors scare me more than the thought of this building collapsing, now that I think about it.  Though, given the amount of swaying -- swaying, not shaking -- it did both times, I'm pretty sure it will fall like a house of cards...

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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