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Sunday, April 20, 2008

in 2008, The OddBlog was a Blog

OddBlog 2018 Edition
OddBlog 2018 Edition
Hey guys.  I know there have been more of these "agenda" posts than usual lately, but I said there would be because the whole site is undergoing redesign, and this is not exactly one of those-type posts.

What I wanted to do was mention something I talked about on Weird Ink Friday and feel quite strongly about.  I mentioned it over to The Rundown, as well, and I want to preface this by saying that I am not condescending to anyone, just laying it out as best I can:

The OddBlog is not a news service, news magazine, or news site; this is a blog.  Pure and simple, plain-Jane, no-holds-barred blog.

While many of the articles presented here are basically rewrites of news items I am interested in or think you would be, just as many are my opinion on news items or subjects and that's what you should expect. Like I said, the best blogs offer information, along with the blogger's opinion, assessment, or evaluation of that information.

But, like Weird Ink to writing, The OddBlog is meant to develop into a full-blown online resource for paranormal research.  It is a lofty pursuit and not necessarily one I am aggressively pursuing, but there it is. So there will be more journalistic articles and entries here than on the other blogs, but at the end of the day, The OddBlog is still -- quite firmly -- a blog, not a "media outlet," not a "news service."  

That we "report" more truth than these traditional news outlets is due to something called the NDAA -- which is the same provision that allows us to speculate freely without fear of legal repercussion or civil consequence (it's a Post-Truth World, motherfuckers, so suck it up - ed., 2018) -- and, also, their gross incompetence and total complicity as co-conspirators.

The reason I am making such a stink about this everywhere is because the media and others have so bastardized the concept that I am now constantly confronted with new "blogs" and "bloggers" who are either looking to make a quick buck (they won't), or think this is the way to leap-over traditional routes to becoming an actual reporter (it isn't).  I want to disabuse everyone of this notion.

Again, there are actual articles contained in the archives and there will be more in the future, but the overwhelming majority of what is to be found here -- and what you should expect -- are simple blog entries: What I think about this, what I am doing, what I am going to do, what I think this means, and so forth -- along with general rewrites of odd news items I think you'll find interesting or entertaining, or that are related to the subjects we cover here.

Again, this is just to clarify: The OddBlog is a blog, not a news source or magazine [2008 - ed.].  While you will find useful information herein, as well as news, and it is meant to be used as a resource and reference, this is not its primary function.

And I, as much as anyone, have lost sight of this lately, as well.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

UPDATE:  The OddBlog can now be considered one of the most trusted sites regarding these subjects currently available online.  The passage of the NDAA allowed malicious entities, particularly from the governmental sector (in addition to the rest), to label mere blogs, social network accounts, and basically the entire Internet "Fake News" and "Russian Propaganda" -- that is, literally, one of the goals of the NDAA.  This began as far back as 2008, before the NDAA had been passed, and this is when (and why) this post was written.  The OddBlog is about as far from "fake" as shit gets. - 2018

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