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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bigfoot Returns to Chiropractor

Sasquatch Sam was kidnapped in January of 2007 and had his feet sawn off.

Sasquatch Sam was a wood-carved statue that set outside Dr. Tom Payne's Chiropractic clinic for five years. Since his disappearance, the clinic has been Bigfoot-less. So the marketing department of Washington's very own Pemco Insurance decided to create a contest to replace him.

Three chainsaw artists entered and when the sawdust cleared, 58-year old Charlie Hubbard won the judges over with his 9'-tall, smiling Sasquatch. Hubbard used to fell trees for a living, then switched to his new line of work following a heart attack.

The Pemco Insurance Company added Roadside Chainsaw Woodcarver to their current advertising campaign, "Just Like You," which also features such archetypes as Ponytailed Software Geek, Smug Hybrid Driver, and Super-Long Coffee Orderer.

And chiropractor, Tom Payne, got himself a new Sasquatch statue. He is thinking of forming a new contest for residents to help him name the giant.

The original 8', 400-lb. Sasquatch Sam was stolen by a man and adolescent male who then lopped-off Sam's 16" feet. While police believe the reasoning behind this was to avoid being captured (huh? - how does that... why would... wha-at?), and the two never gave a motive even though they admitted committing the crime, it seems obvious to me that they wanted to create fake footprints.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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