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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hypnotist Refuses Anesthetic

A 61-year old hypnotist from Sussex underwent surgery without anesthesia and says he felt no pain.

Alex Lenkei has been practicing hypnotism since 16 and his surgeon was confident in his abilities. According to the article, Mr. Lenkei is a registered hypnotist and the surgeon had no problem signing-off on this rather unusual request.  While such requests are becoming more common, they are rarely allowed due to fear of legal reprisal, should something go wrong.  An anesthesiologist was present, just in case, but Mr. Lenkei did not need him.

Lenkei says he was aware of everything going on around him, including the use of a chisel and saw at various points of the operation, but felt nothing.  The surgery -- which included removing part of a bone and fusing together the joints in his thumb -- was successful.

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