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Friday, April 18, 2008

Trials of the Black Widows

Two elderly women have been found guilty of murder and conspiracy to murder for financial gain, and await sentencing.

The women are both in their 70s.  They met and befriended a man at a homeless shelter in, or around, 1997.  After putting him up in an apartment for two years, he was found dead in an alleyway -- the apparent victim of a hit and run with no witnesses.  But, it turned-out the women had taken out multiple life insurance policies on him.

In 2005, yet another man was found dead under the same circumstances.  The women were tried for both murders and convicted, and now face life in prison.   All-told, they collected $2.8 million off the men's deaths.   Both men were homeless and destitute, without family members or friends who would miss them.  Both were kept alive for two years because, after that time, the life insurance policies become incontestable.

In secretly-recorded tapes made shortly after the women were arrested, one told the other, "You were greedy - that's the problem."  Her accomplice responded, "Be quiet. Don't say anything."

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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