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Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Church-Related Child Abuse

I really do not know the psycho-/socio-logical connection between organized religion and child molestation, but at least within the Christian faith, it is undeniable that such a link exists.

Rev. Joe Barron of the Texas-based Prestonwood Baptist Mega-Church was arrested last week after driving his wife's car 200 miles to meet a 13-year old girl he had been chatting-up online. When arrested, the good reverend had a package of condoms and a webcam and headset.

It's always the Baptists - again, that's not a slam, it's just the undeniable truth. This hearkens to the whole "he who smelt it dealt it" ideology: those who bark loudest are being defensive. And Baptists "bark" louder than anyone about everything.

It is long since time that these corporations were taxed like all others. The Baptist Church is simply a front for organized child prostitution and pornography.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008


  1. Years ago, Joe Barren was the pastor of my church. He was a wonderful pastor, with a real passion for the lord. I was shocked when i was told what he did. I greive for this man, but I also believe he should recieve jail time for the crime he commited.

  2. Thanks for commenting, April, and I apologize for the delay in responding.

    I agree that he needs to spend some time in jail, but I can't agree with you when you say he has a "passion" for the Lord. At the end of the day, preaching for megachurches and the like is more showbusiness than theological oration, and I believe his feeling for the Lord was more performance than passion.

    Of course, I have never witnessed any of his performances or heard any of his sermons, and I respect your opinion, I just feel you may have been mistaken in your assessment of the man.

    Everyone makes "mistakes" and so forth, but this guy had to seek-out underaged sex, so even though I agree that he may have some sort of psychological deficiency which propels him to aberrant sexual behavior, he's a big boy and he should have sought help before giving-in to his urges.

    And anyone whose very job is to judge others and advise them spiritually deserves to be held to a higher-standard than the rest of us.