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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Township Turns Down Federal Aid

The federal government listed the Ohio township of Chardon eligible for disaster aid to the tune of $10,000. And Chardon turned it down!

A trustee told a local newspaper that they suffered only a regular snowstorm, unworthy of such a large sum of disaster aid which would be better-served elsewhere. Another trustee disagreed with the decision, noting that no amount of aid from the federal government should ever be turned down.

This is an interesting case, as I can see both sides of the argument. After all, federal aid is often hard to get, but by that same token, it can be so hard to get because too much of it goes to the wrong places!

If the former trustee is correct, then the money should be returned; that the latter is a greedy opportunist surprises me not at all, though I can see his point - federal aid trustees can be greedy sos-and-sos themselves, after all.

In fact, the most interesting (and oddest) thing about this story is that a political figure is being honest!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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