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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Don't Leave Your Non-Christian Loved Ones Behind!

The You Have Been Left Behind website allows Christians who have been called home by the Rapture to send e-mails and documents to their loved ones after they are gone.


The system is set to trigger several days after three out of five members fail to logon. The members are scattered throughout the US so a natural disaster or outage cannot trigger the system.

For $40.00 annually, you get two boxes: One encrypted and one unencrypted. You can send encrypted mail to up to 12 "lost souls," and unencrypted documents to up to 50 "damned and doomed" fools Left Behind.

In case you are a member, please: You were right, so don't rub it in! Just go the hell away!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

UPDATE:  The site has apparently been changed, so the link has been removed. - 2018

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