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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The H-Car is Here!

Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell carImage by BBQ Junkie via FlickrJapanese car manufacturer, Honda, will release 200 hydrogen-fueled cars over the next three years. Actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, will be among the first to own one, but the rest will be available for leasing.

The FCX Clarity is a four-seater car which runs on electricity generated by combining hydrogen and oxygen. It emits steam and gets 3x better fuel-efficiency than gas-powered automobiles.

While these cars sound more environmentally-friendly, critics note that hydrogen is expensive to produce and the most common production method is from fossil fuels. One of the impedances of these cars is a lack of hydrogen fueling stations; California is where the first will be released because of the proximity of such stations.

The BBC has a fantastic explanation of how the engine works, replete with a handy-dandy graphic. The cars will lease for about $600/month and will soon be available in Japan; none will be available for sale.

While this is a great step forward, the larger innovation is that these were created on the first assembly line dedicated to hydrogen-fueled vehicles!

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