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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Japanese Are Into Cutting

Excepting organized crime syndicates, violent crimes are generally rare in Japan. However, it seems that when they do occur, they occur with ferocity, in numbers, and... with knives.

Yesterday, a Japanese man drove into a crowd and began stabbing people at random. While no one has died yet, at least one victim was in serious condition and several others either lost so much blood that they fell unconscious or were otherwise knocked-out. Police arrested a suspect on the scene.

Just over two months ago, a similar attack took place near Tokyo, when a 24-year old man went on a killing spree, later telling police, "I just wanted to kill anyone." Already wanted for a separate killing that had occurred the previous week, the killer ran through a crowded mall, stabbing and slashing at random. One victim died and seven others were wounded.

In 2007, a teenaged boy brought his mother's severed head into a police station, while in 2004, man killed seven members of his family in two different houses before burning his own home to the ground. In January of last year, a wife admitted to killing and dismembering her husband and dumping his body parts around Tokyo. A few months later, another leg was found in the city.

While violent crimes are rare in Japan, they do seem to be on the rise - particularly in and around Tokyo.

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