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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Mile-High "Alien"

Just because someone runs a paranormal blog does not necessarily mean they believe in such things - in fact, I would wager that there are a lot more successful paranormal blogs run by skeptics than believers - but I do believe in a lot of the things we discuss here. To qualify that: I don't necessarily believe in alien lifeforms or monsters from the deep or whatever else, but I do believe that eyewitnesses have seen something, I do believe there is more evidence for most of these inexplicable things than avowed skeptics admit, and I most certainly believe that there is more to life and on this earth than we are aware of.

That's why videos and fiascoes like the Denver alien video upset me so.

If you weren't aware of this nonsense, I'm not sure how you missed it. It made national headlines when a Colorado resident claimed to have a "smoking gun" videotape which proved alien life exists and has visited Earth. He managed to wrangle a meeting with Denver officials, at which he showed the tape...

Which was basically someone standing outside a window, holding a spooky alien mask on a stick.

Now, to be fair to the guy, the tape has apparently been around for some time and though not everyone finds it impressive, at least a few experts have been uncertain as to its authenticity. Further, some very real "evidence" looks very fake and some very fake hoaxes have managed to fool well-trained experts time and again for years. But the footage I have seen is pretty hoakey.

Of course, whether or not this particular piece of evidence proves to be real or not is not so much the issue; one hoax does not dismiss the entire breadth of evidence. But it does cast doubt and deliver a threatening blow to the concept.

I was eagerly-awaiting the reveal and was bitterly disappointed. I waited to bring you this story to see how the whole thing would play-out, but everyone seems as disappointed in the whole thing as I am and little else has been mentioned.

Here is the best transcript of events as they unfolded that I could find.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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