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Friday, July 11, 2008

Jaws Proves Prophetic?

Beaches on which the shark film, Jaws, was filmed were closed the other day when a great white shark was supposedly spotted.

Steven Spielberg chose to film his classic horror movie on the beaches of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, largely because shark sightings there are so rare. But both South Beach and State Beach were closed and swimmers were ordered out of the water Thursday, after a great white was reported in the area. Helicopters were dispatched to search for the shark, but none were seen.

While sightings in the area are extremely rare, great white sharks are known to cruise the area occasionally.

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  1. Police determined fisherman, Michael Lopenzo, fabricated the story.

    The 60-year old man was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct. He claimed to have seen two great white sharks, roughly 22' long and weighing 3000 lbs.