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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pterodactyl in Wenatchee, Washington?

A 29-year old man from Wenatchee, Washington, wrecked his car on a lightpole in December of last year.  When police investigating the crash asked him what happened, he said, "Pterodactyl."

Witnesses claim the man veered into oncoming traffic before plowing into the lightpole and police found "a minimal amount of alcohol" in his system.  None of the crash witnesses reported any airborne objects, whether or not any were present.

While most likely a drunken incident, this is far from the first time the prehistoric pterodactyl has been reported in modern times.  In particular, reports persist in the Southwestern United States (notably Arizona and Texas) to this day.  Some cryptozoologists and phenomenalists have even suggested that the infamous Mothman sightings of the 1960s may have been related to a pterodactyl(s).

Most recently, the Sci-Fi Channel hit series, Destination Truth, caught something on camera in Rio Branco where the local populace has been complaining of a "winged monster."  Whatever it was had bright, red eyes, just as reported.

As noted, Washington is quite a ways out of the pterodactyl's normal stamping grounds, but the center of Batsquatch activity.

Source: Olyblog

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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