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Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have been saying you shouldn't notice the change-over, but I told you there was always the chance things could go wrong... it appears they might.

I put the order in to change the domain Monday, but it has yet to clear through my previous registrar. There is no reason it should not in plenty of time, but once it does, it can take up to 72 hours for the servers across the World Wide Inter-Web to update their information, meaning it could be as late as Monday (August 11th) before you can access the site, and The OddBlog.

Now, I am jumping the gun slightly by telling you this. Like I said, everything on this end is done, as far as all these technical things go; all I can do now is wait for things to go through on the Internet's end. At worst, you might have trouble accessing the site and blog over the weekend. Rest assured, once things are straightened out, we'll still be here.

If, for any reason, things go really wonky and it looks like we could be down longer than just a day or two, you will be able to find us at

If I am forced to go that route, it is very temporary!

But you may want to make a note of it, just in case.

I will be out of the house most all day today. If where I am has a hot spot, I will blog from the laptop until the battery dies or whatever. Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow! Enjoy the archives!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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