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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Primetime UFOs: Seeing is Believing

This is not a review, because I only saw half the special last night. It ran against both Fringe and Eureka and I have my loyalties. Besides, I'm sure this special will be re-aired on one of the basic cable stations.

But I did want to mention that it brought only one real piece of information to the table: a story I, personally, was unaware of (or have since forgotten, if I ever read anything about it), concerning 20 Air Force witnesses to a wild UFO encounter several of them specifically stated was "alien technology."

One of the other nice things about it is that it featured several respected physicists, researchers, and professionals who all called for more serious research into the field of ufology. Most of them forwarded the obvious: there are billions of heavenly bodies that we know of and the idea that none of them could support some kind of life is ludicrous; there are simply too many of these inexplicable sightings to be ignored; and, basically, why not look into this field? What in the world (pun intended) is stopping us?

Like I say, I missed the first part, but a lot of the special recycled the very surface points we ufologists (even we armchair enthusiasts) are well aware of. Where I live, the ABC affiliate is the only channel anyone can get without pay TV, so I'm glad Primetime and ABC take the matter seriously enough that they chose to present it; I'm sure it reached a much greater audience that might otherwise not seek-out such fare. And, in that regard, I think it did a good job presenting the really basic features of ufology.

But for those of us who are familiar with the field, only the single story stood out as anything worthwhile. Still, like most such features, it is worth watching once.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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