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Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally, Some Sleep!

I finally slept last night!

As I reported yesterday, it was the first time in literally two or more weeks that I actually slept more than an hour or two. I feel refreshed, though still a bit worn-out. I figure it will be a few days before I truly get caught-up on my sleep and actually feel normal.

In the meantime, I will be bringing you some older stories throughout the weekend that I bookmarked but did not post when I came across. I'm sure some new stuff will pop-up along the way as well. But this is also the first of the month, which is bill time, so I have a full agenda with that alone.

The website will start seeing new stuff, as well (beyond the blogs), with a major release of new content on Halloween. This has been a tradition for The Weirding since our inception and one I plan to continue. Don't forget the site is comprised largely of blogs - check out the rest of our offerings!

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