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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Truman Show Delusion

Psychiatrists worldwide are reporting a rise in the number of patients who believe their lives are actually part of some reality show and have dubbed the delusion "The Truman Show Delusion," based on the 1998 movie, The Truman Show.

While the Canadian team of Joel and Ian Gold, brothers who hold the research chair in philosophy and psychiatry at McGill University in Montreal, coined the phrase, British psychiatrists call it The Truman Syndrome. At any rate, it has become apparent that a growing number of people are under the delusion their lives are part of "a charade whose entire purpose is to make me the focus of the world’s attention," to quote one of Gold's patients. The doctor said three out of five patients who suffered the delusion mentioned the movie by name.

The two are writing a book on the matter.

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