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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slacking... Not Really

I just read an article claiming this year had a "bumper crop" of paranormal reports. While I try to stay on top of things, I have to admit, I haven't brought you a "bumper crop" of paranormal stories this year!

Because such reports are often hard to find (credible, truly "newsworthy" ones, anyway), I expanded the format a while back to include basically all "odd" stories that struck my fancy. To those ends, I feel I have brought you some good bits you might otherwise have missed. But make no mistake about it, The OddBlog is about the paranormal, the mysterious, and the Unexplained.

With everything that's been going on with me this year - medical and otherwise - I could give a list of excuses and reasons, but maybe I have dropped the ball a bit? So even though it's a tad early, I want to make this resolution: I plan to bring you more, and better, paranormal coverage in 2009.

Now that the site is to a point where I can start promoting it (there is tons more coming, but it's at least got enough content that I can actually tell people to come and check it out) and I am finally getting to see some real specialists about my Degenerative Disc Disease and all that, things are to the point where I believe I will have the time to tackle issues and subjects which require more time and effort. At any rate, I vow to at least try harder to do so, instead of backing-off (because I'm afraid of not being able to finish them).

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

1 comment:

  1. Just to illustrate, I have spent about an hour now chasing down fantastic stories which surfaced online without finding their source. I will not include these stories until I can verify them, and since I have lost so much time trying (in vain) to do so, I have to move on.

    Still, though there is nothing to show for it but this comment, I have been working for over an hour this morning!