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Sunday, December 21, 2008


We'll get back to our examination of the Leeds Devil folktale and its relationship to the Jersey Devil footprints today, but those posts take a long time, so I want to give you something to read while I work on them. Plus, weird news is always enjoyable to share!

Another subject I am hoping to have the time to tackle soon is that of underwater "astronauts." USOs have always interested me and they've regained some of their popularity as late, but underwater astronauts (it just sounds so salacious, doesn't it?) are generally relegated to the outlandish pile by serious researchers. Of course, some of the more outlandish tales are what first drew me to this field, along with other phenomenalists, so whether or not there is any validity to them aside, I want to share a few of the stories I find intriguing.

I also want to delve into Von Däniken's theories at some point. I've always felt his well-presented hypotheses have been maligned, both by the mainstream as well as the phenomenal world, and that's sad; at the very least, he presents many points which deserve more discussion.

One thing at a time. First-up, a few odds and ends.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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