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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pete the Purple Squirrel

Students and faculty at a UK school were surprised to see a little, blue squirrel one day. They were even more surprised when he turned purple and began making the rounds!

Dubbed "Pete," the little squirrel is incredibly shy and runs away whenever approached, but most everyone at the school has seen him - he's become something of a school mascot. No one is sure how his fur has turned purple, though theories include chance meetings with paint, ink, even toner cartridges.

Officials have sent pictures to experts and even called upon celebrity animal experts. According to them, the paint theory is a no-go, as it probably would have proved the end for little Pete; but squirrels will nibble on anything - even if it's inedible - so the toner cartridge hypothesis is probably the best bet. Pete likely began nibbling on one and then groomed it into his coat.

The MailOnline has the story, along with pics!

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