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Monday, December 22, 2008

Lost World Discovered on Google Maps

Some years back, a team of scientists was looking for a new area to explore at least 5000 feet above sea level.  They were astonished when they discovered a patch of forest in Africa not on any map.  How?  Google Earth, of course!

The forest surrounding Mt. Mabu had been overlooked for years by wildlife experts and cartographers alike, largely due to decades-long war in the region.  While few Mozambiqueans are even aware of the 27 acres of lush forest growth (or Mount Mabu), those who are have kept it secret as they use it for refuge when the fighting becomes too intense.  Researchers note that, while it may be on some maps under another name, Mt. Mabu is basically unknown.

Once discovered, a team of researchers from several countries (including Mozambique, Switzerland, Britain, and more) made the trip to discover a lush Eden, filled with rare and exotic species of butterflies (including three new species), giant snakes (including a new adder), and colonies of rare birds.  They returned home with some 300 samples of flora, and more discoveries have yet to be made.

The Mail Online has more on the trip, including pictures.

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