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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mystics Combat Wi-Fi with Orgone

Glastonbury, long a pilgrimage destination and center for alternative medicine practitioners, is also home to a pioneering, city-wide wi-fi system. But many of the town's residents blame the resulting EMF (electromagnetic fields) for all manner of illnesses, saying it disrupts their chakras and even the ley lines. According to them, the EMF (and radiation) generated by the wi-fi masts are causing headaches, nausea, even pneumonia!

While many are petitioning to have the masts removed, one Matt Todd has resorted to fighting back using orgone-based technology -- small, pure-energy generators made of quartz crystals, selenite, lapis lazuli stones, and gold leaf and copper coiling -- which is said to absorb and recycle the "negative energy" produced by the wi-fi masts. Orgone science was developed by William Reich in the 1930s, who posited that all living matter generates biological energy. It is actually based on the teachings of Sigmund Freud, and closely related to sexuality and Freud's libido theory: Orgone energy and orgasm share the same etymology.

Though only a single yellow journalist (repetitious) decried Reich's research, it was enough for the US government to set in motion their conspiracy to silence him (in fact, it was part of this conspiracy), and his research destroyed.  A joint task force involving the corrupt FDA and FBI (repetitious) worked to discredit his work, then tried him in absentia (likely without his knowledge), and incarcerated him for Contempt of Court.

While proponents of Glastonbury's free wi-fi insist there is no link between the wi-fi and the alleged illnesses, even some who embraced the wireless technology have since turned their backs on the idea, claiming they develop symptoms when using Glastonbury's free wi-fi that clear-up when they switch back to a traditional broadband system.

Opponents of Orgone science insist there is no evidence to support its existence. The effects of EMF, however, are well-documented, and have long ago been weaponized by military units. While "traditional" health "officials" confess electromagnetic fields negatively impact people's health, they claim that there is not enough data to conclude how dangerous EMF is. 

Glastonbury's city-wide wi-fi system is a pioneering effort: It is the first city in the UK to have free, area-wide Internet access -- something which displeases both the telecom industry and Britain's deadbeat government, alike.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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