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Monday, January 19, 2009

Groom to Marry Dead Fiancee

A 25-year old London designer is going ahead with his wedding... despite the fact that his fiancee died in a car crash last October!

Alan Hooley plans to wear the tuxedo the couple decided upon and walk the aisle, decorated with the carnations his fiancee had chosen, in front of some 250 guests (including friends and family) on May 2nd. He will wear a chain sporting a diamond made of 21-year old Charlotte Simpson's compressed ashes. Simpson's parents, sisters, and Hooley’s mother will also get diamonds made from Charlotte Simpson's compressed ashes, valued at nearly $15k each.

A party on Charlotte's birthday will help raise the money to pay for the wedding, which will be, "...exactly how she had planned it. I want to get it as close to the wedding as possible," according to Alan.

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  1. Grammar note: I wasn't sure if it was "fiance" or "fiancee," as I've seen both spellings and my internal spellcheck found both to be in error, so I went with the feminine rule of adding an "e."