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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Service Animals

This is quite interesting and something of which I was not aware: apparently, there are all sorts of service animals aside from your general seeing-eye dog. There are guide miniature horses, parrots, even monkeys! Of course, these animals can be hard to justify bringing inside a store or other places, and New York is now considering a law which limits the "service animal" label to guide dogs because of this.

NPR discusses this issue, along with many supporting links. Incredibly interesting, I do have to say some of these "service animals" are questionable even to me. For example, one guy has a parrot that calms him down by speaking to him whenever he starts to have a psychotic episode. I guess a familiar, reassuring voice would be of service to victims of certain mental disorders (such as bipolar, which this guy has), but you have to admit it's a stretch.

Still, very interesting.

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