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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nutt Now Backs LSD Reclassification

Professor David Nutt - who cracked The OddBlog earlier in the week for suggesting that taking Ecstasy is no more dangerous than riding a horse - is also in favor of changing the classification of hallucinogenic, LSD. In the UK, LSD is a Class A drug, punishable by as much as life imprisonment! This really is ridiculous, as LSD is non habit-forming and poses little health risk, as Prof. Nutt notes.

Nutt explains, "If alcohol was suddenly to emerge in society now and it was suddenly assessed as other drugs of abuse, it would be rated as a B class drug and therefore not be made legal. There are several drugs that are in class A and probably should not be there, like ecstasy and LSD. There are other drugs that should be up the scale. Ecstasy and LSD which tend to cause little dependence and relatively moderate degrees of personal damage are probably too highly classified."

But changing drug classifications is difficult; the classifications in effect today have been the same since 1971. Only marijuana and opiates have moved on the scale: the former came down, and the latter went up.

Nutt was forced to apologize for his stance on Ecstasy, as it supposedly sent the wrong message to teenagers.

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