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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Haunting in Connecticut Family Haunted by Trespassers

The family living in the house portrayed in the upcoming movie, A Haunting in Connecticut, claims there is nothing unusual about the house, much less Supernatural, and wish trespassers would leave them alone. While the name of the family and the town in which the events depicted in the film were changed, they are given on the movie's website (why, I have no idea - that makes no sense to me, whatsoever). This has led to curious onlookers descending on the house, and the family which now lives there.

"Most people are respectful. They stay on the road," the woman who currently resides there told a newspaper, but they have been so stressed-out over the events of late that they have removed the address number and placed "No Trespassing" signs all over the property. She says they do not want to place a fence around the property. The police have stepped-up patrols in the neighborhood.

The family who claims the house was haunted invited well-known parapsychologists, the Warrens, to the house to "clear" it of Evil and spirits. The Warrens found the house haunted at the time, though Lorraine Warren says the house was cleared in 1988. The events were later turned into a book and chronicled in a TV show, both entitled A Haunting in Connecticut.

The house was once a funeral home.

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