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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Settling In

This is just a brief update, because I am literally bone-weary and it is about to rain its ass off yet again - possibly throughout the entire weekend and well into the week. As regular readers (and I hope you found us in the interim and plan to join our ranks) know, the rain exacerbates the pain, making me generally worthless. Of course, some would say this is true most times.

And I'm available, ladies.

Long story short, my doctor called my medicine in until I can get to the appointment, thanks to the asshole who was supposed to pick me up. I take a public transportation service made available to me via Disability, which I am on, and this jackass picked me up eight hours early one time, left me standing around three hours last month, and showed up four hours early this morning - then left before I could even get to the door! At least she was nice enough to call me in enough meds to make it through and those allowed me to finally "fix" this wreck of a futon, which is the only seating I have here (we left the entire living room "suite" at the apartment - the bar stools, couch, and recliner - they were all well-used and there's no room here, plus we wanted a fresh start... and since my female friend left me, we both certainly got one). It had fallen in the middle and was killing me; it was hurting me as much as the weather, lack of meds, or anything else.

So I'm going to just relax tonight - well, do my best to, anyway - and veg-out. It's supposed to start storming again tonight and keep going, so I have no idea what the rest of the week will bring, but I'm going to need some time to get back into the swing of things, regardless. This has been one of the most trying, emotionally and physically taxing, times in my entire life and I am finally starting to feel like things are somehow settling down, so I'm going to do my best to enjoy it tonight.

I have some pizza left, some bottled water (the water is still turned off because a pipe is busted somewhere), and my Internet - and that's more than I've had all at one time for the last week or so! It's going to take some time to get back on my feet here, but you're welcome to come along for the ride. It's kind of a good thing my girlfriend is gone, because I like sharing my life with you anonymous viewers; she did not like my doing so. It would be only slightly ironic to run her down in this forum. Seriously though, I do not want to do that; I'm just happy that element of jealousy and consternation is absent, as it frees me to share what I'd like as it occurs to me.

I have to pee.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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