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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still Moving

Sorry guys; I forgot about you again. This move is really taking its toll on me. It already took its toll on my little female friend: she flew the coop! But it's all good; the truth is that it's just as well and I guess we've both been thinking that for a while now. I still have almost all the dishes to pack and I knew they would be a hassle, which is why I'd been saying they needed to be packed since the weekend.

If you read the link above, you'll understand why I may be sitting in the dark all weekend. And though I'm almost certainly pulling an all-nighter, I won't be able to be here much tonight. Hopefully, I'll find a few things to keep you busy, but we do have some pretty extensive archives for you to check out until I'm able to get back to you.

Three schools in Fayette County, TN have closed because of the Swine Flu. A school in Shelby County also closed for seven days, as did one in Nashville. Supposedly, there were two cases discovered in Tennessee.

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