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Thursday, June 11, 2009

War on Drugs Uncovers Human Skull, Blood-Spattered Walls

Police raiding a suspected drug dealer's house in Bridgeport, Connecticut were shocked to find a grisly scene in the basement, where a human skull was found amidst blood-spattered walls. An alligator's head and a dead chicken were also discovered. Police believe the alleged drug dealer(s) were practicing Santeria.

The drug bust was considered routine until the religious site was uncovered in the basement. It shocked veteran policemen, one of whom said he did not want to disrespect anyone's religion, but he had a job to do. The religious artifacts were seized.

A professor of religion and international studies said the owners were likely casting protective spells, most likely protection from police and/or competing drug dealers. Possession of a human skull "isn't that unusual," the professor said, "but actually shows a great deal of respect."

A neighbor added a lot of people in the area practice Santeria or sorcery, and he sees nothing wrong with it.

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