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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Return of the Son of Bat Boy - The Revenge, Pt. II: The Sequel

American-based tabloid, Weekly World News, has signed with CAA, which will rep the company's 30-odd (and I do mean odd) characters in movie talks. Yes, Bat Boy could very well be coming to a theater near you quite soon! Bat Boy is, by far, the most likely candidate for a movie, TV, or new media deal, as he quickly became the tabloid's poster child after his introduction.

Bat Boy's story was simple - and simply brilliant: In 1992, the puny thing was found in a cave and taken to an undisclosed location where it was studied "and some say abused" by government agents and scientists. Bat Boy escaped time and again and Weekly World News was always on the scene, no matter where it happened.

The headlines from the August 31st, 1999 issue 1 include:
  • Scientists Discover UFO Buried in Desert
  • Divers Come Face-to-Face with Their Dead Dad's Ghost
  • Amazing 'Ostrich Boy' Can Swallow Anything!
Mind you, this was a good decade or so past Weekly World News' heyday. Within a year of this issue, WWN just stopped trying; they jumped the shark with headlines like, "Handyman Patches Hole in Ozone." A few years back, WWN stopped their print periodical, becoming an online-only magazine. Prior to this though, alien babies, Bigfoot babies, resurrecting Kings of Rock n Roll, a tiny Merman, and many more such creations featured prominently. These are now the properties rights-holders are hoping to bring to motion picture.

1 : Pic coming, once I get one of the scanners working. For no good reason, they work fine until unplugged, then the drivers somehow become corrupted or something. It's weird, but this is all pretty old equipment.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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