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Monday, October 19, 2009

Tanzania Endangers Another Albino Victim

Corrupt Tanzanian officials have ejected a 28-year old albino woman from a safe house because they claim "no albinos have been attacked in [her village] in the last year." The woman lost both her hands in an attack, then courageously identified her attackers - who have yet to be brought to justice! While the mutilated woman's attackers have been captured, they have not been sentenced and may be released without further notice.

Luckily, a wealthy businessman who heard her story has opened his home to her for a year, Her father and four siblings, all of whom were living in the safe house village with her, are not so lucky; they have no choice but to return to the village where the attack occurred. They fear reprisal - especially since some of the attackers were found "not guilty" and they, and their relatives, live in the village!

The OddBlog has been covering this story for over a year now and I simply cannot believe the rest of the world is allowing this to go on! Tanzanian officials are some of the most ardent supporters of the witchdoctors whose "potions" are made of albino body parts. These officials, and the rest of this country, should be condemned!

This is a heartbreaking saga of mutilation, ignorance, and racism which the rest of the world has chosen to overlook. It sickens me; it truly makes me physically ill.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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