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Friday, November 27, 2009

Colorado Cattle Mutilations

Authorities are stunned and perplexed by a string of cattle mutilations on a ranch in Colorado. Over the last few weeks, four calves have been found, their skin stripped, their organs harvested from beneath their ribs. One calf's tongue had been removed. As usual, no blood was found at the scene, nor any tracks of humans or animals.

Manuel Sanchez sold all of his calves, fearing their mutilation. He admits he has no idea how he will care for the few remaining cattle. "It's a big loss for a small rancher," he told reporters. A rancher for some 50 years, he has neither seen nor experienced anything like this before. Even local police are baffled, especially because they do not believe any human did this. "I've butchered a cow before and I know what kind of a mess it leaves," Sgt. James Chavez told the local press.

Many residents believe it is the work of aliens - so strongly, in fact, that area UFO Hunter, Chuck Zukowski of UFONUT.com has been consulted and has visited the ranch. Zukowski told investigators at least three, similar mutilations have occurred in the region this year, back in March. "We're trying to find a pattern," Zukowski told reporters.

He expounded on the matter in his blog today.

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