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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Larger Power Hates Me

Hey guys, I know we've been slow lately. Part of that was the big Halloween roll-out, not to mention this sinus infection, but the other part is computer/technical problems.

Regular readers may recall my Vista computer was hit by lightning over the summer. I got it back up and running by disconnecting both the CD/DVD and modem, so even though I could get into it, I had no way of getting the data off of it. Since it was going to cost me nearly $200 just to get the data recovered, I decided I was better off just buying another computer. So I did.

When the new computer arrived, I found out it has no modem! While I plan on getting broadband anyway, we are so far out that the installation and monthly costs are simply more than I can presently afford. So, I'm in the same boat I was in last week... except also $350 poorer.

Anyway, I've been worrying with all of this on top of all my regular, stress-inducing problems, so my priorities, sleeping schedule, and everything else have simply been out-of-whack lately. I'm going to try to get some things scheduled ahead so this won't happen again (at least not in the immediate future), but I wanted to fill you in on what's going on.

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