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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

50 Needles Tall

A Brazilian toddler is in critical condition after his mother rushed him to the hospital. Once there, doctors discovered 50 needles in the child's body! While his mother claims she has no idea how the needles got there, doctors have ruled-out ingestion, as needles were found in his abdomen, lung, and leg. Some reports have suggested the situation may be somehow related to witchcraft or "black magic."

Police are investigating.

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  1. The child's stepfather has admitted to inserting the needles into the child at the behest of his mistress.

    The wife had become suspicious after finding various artifacts associated with black magic in their home. The husband admitted to police that he abused the child as part of a black magic ritual meant to exact revenge on his wife.

    The couple had been married for six months. There are no outward signs of abuse or wounds on the child, who remains in intensive care.

  2. In a TV interview from jail, the stepfather admitted he plied the toddler with alcohol before inserting the needles into the boy in an attempt to kill him out of spite toward the mother. Doctors say the actual number of needles are 30, not 50. Police say the stepfather had two accomplices - one male, one female.

    "It was a crazy idea," he told the TV show.