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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Newfoundland USO/UFO

Residents of Harbour Mile in Newfoundland were shocked to see a UFO shooting across the sky Monday evening, around sunset. Many eyewitnesses described the object as "missile-like" and emitting smoke or flames. At least one eyewitness claims the object originated in the bay, and another snapped a picture of it in mid-flight.

The picture is not clear enough to be certain, but the UFO most certainly does appear to be some kind of missile; the missile-shaped device spews smoke from behind it in two trails, forming a forked tail. The UFO appeared in the sky for 5-8 minutes and made no sound. Darlene Stewart, the 45-year old who took the picture, claims to have actually seen three objects, the other two of which disappeared quickly, moving in different directions.

Even Ufologists are dismissing the idea that the object was extraterrestrial. More than anything, residents want to know if it was a missile, possibly launched from a submarine in the bay, who launched it, and why residents were not informed of it.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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