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Monday, February 1, 2010

Dudes Lose Their Moobs

The fastest-growing procedure in the world of plastic surgery? Male breast reduction - for the second year running! In fact, male breast reduction (or "manboobs," aka, "moobs") procedures rose by 80% since 2008. And, just as with their female counterparts, many doctors blame men's magazines for the increase in requests.

The entire plastic surgery industry remained strong, despite the recession and world economic woes - in fact, surgeons performed 6.7% more procedures in 2009 than they did the year before. And though 90% of the work done was performed on women, procedures on men saw the most dramatic rise in numbers. Nose-jobs and blepharoplasty - surgery on the skin surrounding the eyes - were the top two procedures performed on men, but the moob-job remains the fastest-growing.

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