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Monday, February 1, 2010

Judge Dismisses Indonesian Bee-Sting Case

You may have read about an Indonesian child who was on-trial for intentionally placing a bee on a little girl's face. The bee stung his classmate and her parents reported the incident to police, who arrested the boy; they wanted to make an example of the child. The judge in the bee-sting case dismissed it from court, said the matter came down to "normal children's naughtiness" and should have been "settled amicably by the school and the parents."

Indonesians are tried as adults from the age of eight and serve their time alongside adults, even though it is against UN regulations. Many Indonesians feel the age should be raised to at least 12. In 2009, 10 boys who worked as shoeshiners were found guilty of gambling and faced five years in prison, but a public outcry got the charges dismissed.

Had he been found guilty, the eight-year old who placed the bee on the girl's cheek could have been sentenced to three years in prison!

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