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Monday, February 22, 2010

Gwrych Castle to Become Psychic School?

Days after a picture he took which appears to show a ghostly figure in Gwrych Castle went international, Clitheroe-based Kevin Horkin announced plans to open a "psychic school" in the building. Horkin said the deal, if it goes through, would likely be connected to already announced plans by a different group to turn the castle into a luxury hotel. The hotel would have no psychic... connection to the school.

Many critics noted the supposed ghastly photograph, which The OddBlog covered earlier, could easily have been faked, but no professional authority has examined the photo as yet. The most replete argument suggested the image of the supposed phantom was simply the picture of a young woman reflected in glass, then superimposed over the image of Gwrych Castle.

The OddBlog always remains skeptical, but we are true believers, and feel the need to point-out that if some 15-year old on the Interwebz knows how to pull-off such an effect, then it is not exactly a "Hollywood Magic"-level hoax; it is logical to think someone would have debunked the photo before now. Of course, newspapers aren't going to run a hoax photo as a hoaxed photo; they would run the photo, then debunk it - two stories for the price of one!

Is Horkin's desire to open this psychic school based on some newfound belief in ESP and/or the paranormal, or was the photo a hoax to drum-up interest in his Gwrych Castle psychic school plans? Maybe time will tell, and The OddBlog will follow!

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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