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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ghost Sightings Highest in 25 Years

Lionel Fanthorpe, widely considered an expert on the Unexplained in Britain, has concluded that not only are ghost sightings in the UK at their highest in the last quarter-century, encounters with evil spirits, dæmons, and Elementals are "as widespread today as in medieval times."

Fanthorpe conducted his research online, as well as in various archives and his own reports. He sought to identify all decidedly Supernatural sightings with evil aspects, and decided upon 968 reports of "dæmonic activity" over the last 25 years.

Fanthorpe further identified Yorkshire as the heart of the sightings, with 74 reports of sightings - including "hell hounds," ghouls, and werewolves - dæmonic possession, water dæmons, and more. The sightings of a "water dæmon" in Filey Bay, with a serpentine body and glowing eyes, may be sightings of a cryptozoological specimen, though.

Devon rated second on the list, most well-known (here, especially) as the home of the Devil's Footprints. But a dæmonic form dubbed "Stephens" merited special note: A hideous, skeletal apparition clothed in dingy, gray robes, it i s thought to be the specter of a man who committed suicide in Dartmoor. Fanthorpe noted 57 reports from the area.

Somerset landed in third, with 51 sightings, but had the highest number of "monster" sightings. Wiltshire is close behind, with 46 reports, most of which were of "hell hounds." Not surprisingly, a "big, black dog with eyes like hot, red coals" has been frequently spotted at Black Dog Hill near Black Dog Woods.

Also unsurprisingly, Inverness - which lay at the mouth of the infamous Loch Ness - leads the list in "water dæmons," with 13 sightings over the last 25 years. Most of these are of "kelpie," a type of water spirit which attempts to lure victims to their death by drowning.

Dorset, Norfolk and Lancashire1, Sussex and Derbyshire1, Essex and Suffolk1, and Lincolnshire rounded-out the top ten list.

1: Tied.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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