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Monday, May 31, 2010

15-Year Old Girl Stalked by Panther

Kim Howells was walking through the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire with her cousin on her 15th birthday when the two came upon a cat they described as being the size of a Great Dane, with big eyes, paws, and a long tail. The pair continued walking. Shortly thereafter, Kim says she saw something in her peripheral vision, which was the cat, sitting up, watching her intently. The cat was following them. When the two realized the cat was only about 15' away, they cut through brambles and began running. They ran all the way to Kim Howell's house.

The girl's mother says the two were obviously upset. "Their feet were all cut and Sophie [the cousin] was in tears." Kim's mother showed the two a picture of a panther online and they agreed that was what they had seen.

"It was definitely a big cat," Kim told reporters. "I could see it really clearly."

Twice in 2007, big cats - also believed to be a panther(s) - were spotted in the area. One early morning encounter involved a milkman, and the other a firefighter.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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