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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mexican Authorities Find Corpse Dumping Ground

Mexican authorities say they have discovered an abandoned silver mine where as many as 25 bodies have been dumped over the years by violent drug traffickers and gang members. Police learned of the mine's location and purpose from an arrested criminal.

Police the victims, many of whose hand and feet were bound, appear to have been thrown down a 650' ventilation shaft over an extended period of time. Reports do not say if the victims had been killed before being dumped, or if they were simply bound and thrown to what was certainly their protracted death amongst the other corpses. Police and soldiers are using breathing equipment to recover the bodies.

The mine is located in Taxco, a city in Guerrero, which is a popular, Colonial-era tourist destination, and also a center of the drug-related violence which has plagued Mexico in recent years.

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  1. Today, authorities report a jump in the numbers: So far, an estimated 55 bodies have been discovered, including that of a missing prison director.