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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Russian Fishermen Fear 'Nesski,' Blame Lake Monster for 19 Deaths

Russian fishermen are demanding an investigation into "Nesski," a lake monster in the Siberian Lake Chany, which they claim has attacked and killed 19 fishermen in the last three years. Reports suggest Nesski looks similar to the plesiosaur; it got its name because it looks similar to the classic, long-necked beast of Loch Ness (Nessie) and Lake Champlain. However, those lake monsters are not known to attack people -- in fact, they are known to avoid humans.

The 19 men who died are said to have drowned, but their remains have almost never been found. Locals claim Nesski is responsible for their deaths, and that corpses which have washed ashore show teeth marks where some large creature(s) has chewed on them. They also say the number is far higher than 19. Whatever the case, locals all agree that there is something in Lake Chany and they want someone to find out what it is.

Rumors of a monster in Lake Chany first surfaced publicly in the Soviet era.

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