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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Remains of St. John the Baptist Discovered

Researchers found a sarcophagus embedded in an altar on the island of St. John in the Black Sea. The altar was inside the ruins of an ancient monastery.

A tooth, part of a jaw, and part of an arm are among the bone fragments in the sarcophagus. Experts are convinced that the remains belong to a major Christian figure, but more tests will be needed to ascertain that figure's identity.

While some believe that John the Baptist is the same man who wrote the Biblical book of Revelation, that is not known for certain. St. John was said to have visions, having foretold the coming of Christ, but who exactly wrote the Apocalyptic book foretelling the destruction of Man is unknown. Still, St. John the Baptist's importance in Christianity is inarguable, and if the remains prove to belong to him, it is a major archaeological find for Christians worldwide.

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  1. John the baptist did not write Revelation as that book was written 60 years after Jesus' crucifixion. John the Baptist died while Jesus was still alive. It was John the Apostle that wrote Revelation.

  2. Thanks, me408! I did not know that; all I'd heard was that no one knows exactly who wrote it. I knew there was another John in the argument, but little else aside from that.