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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

'Sea Monster' Spotted off British Coast

Saltern Cove Nessie
Saltern Cove Nessie
On July 27th, around 5:30pm, Mrs. Gill Pearce saw something in the Saltern Cove waters off the British coast.  It appeared to be stalking a school of fish which beached themselves shortly thereafter.  

Though she saw the creature up close, it had moved farther away by the time she got her camera.  However, Mrs. Pearce managed to get two snapshots that have baffled marine experts.

The pictures appear to show a large, serpentine creature with a long neck.  While some suggest the object in the picture is simply driftwood and a trick of the light, experts disagree.  Other eyewitnesses saw the creature as well, but thought it a turtle.  Saltwater crocodiles, otters, and whales have all been proffered as possibilities, but largely dismissed by authorities at the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).

Experts there have dismissed claims of turtles, sea lions, and more -- and presently classify the creature as "unidentified."  One even mentioned Plesiosaur -- a dinosaur once thought to be extinct, but often suggested as the creature living in both Loch Ness and Lake Champlain, and possibly several other large bodies of water across the world.

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