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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things What Done Fell from the Sky: Bosnian Targeted by Aliens?

50-year-old Bosnian, Radivoke Lajic told reporters that he believes aliens have targeted him and his home for some unknown reason. While Lajic said he doesn't know what he's done to anger them, and has no idea why they are attacking him, "...there is no other explanation that makes sense." Radivoke Lajic's house has been hit by meteorites six times in the last three years. All of the strikes have occurred when it was raining.

Scientists say the rocks have all been meteorites, but are also at a loss as to why such an extraordinary event would happen as often as it has. Lajic said he has trouble sleeping and has reinforced his roof with steel. He paid for the steel by selling one of the rocks to Duke University.

However, there is an upside: Lajic has had so many visitors, he plans on starting his own museum. "These meteorites have brought happiness to our family."

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