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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Lake Worth Monster - Texas' Bigfoot

Though reports of a large creature in the Fort Worth, TX area had been coming in for nearly two months, police dismissed them as pranks until July 10th, 1969, when six eyewitnesses with an 18" scratch on their car flooded their office one night to report a large, hairy and scaly "monster" which fell from the trees to attack them.

Though they investigated, they found nothing, but the local paper picked-up on the story and ran a feature on the "goat-man" of Fort Worth, Texas. Some described it as nearing 7' in height, and weighing some 300-lbs. The Lake Worth Monster was covered in whitish-grey hair, beneath which most reported scales or scaly skin.

The next day, some 30+ people were gathered to get a glimpse of the Lake Worth Monster, and it did not disappoint. A mass sighting resulted in sheriff's deputies being called to the scene. When some onlookers attempted to approach the creature, it is said it threw a tire at them -- with the rim still inside it!

A famous picture was taken which resembles little more than a cottonball-blob, and at which the photographer now scoffs. The last sighting occurred some two months after the first and police later blamed pranksters, but others are not entirely convinced and no suspects were ever arrested or even accused.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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