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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheating Woman Murders Babies for 14 Years

Michele Kalina's husband and daughter were told to stay out of a closet in the family's home, which they did for years, until one day. When they found what they believed to be human remains, they called police. Ever thorough, the cops told them they were not human remains and the Kalinas threw them away. However, police returned to the apartment two more times, finding human remains on each visit.

Once the story had been pieced together (I can pretty much guarantee no cop managed this much), authorities came to the conclusion that Kalina had been having an affair with an unnamed man for some 14 years, during which she was impregnated no fewer than five times, killing and hiding the babies to avoid detection!

Michele Kalina has been arrested and is facing numerous charges, including homicide.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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  1. Kalina received 20-40 years for one count of homicide. Michele Kalina was discovered to have given birth to one other child in 2003-04 at Reading Hospital, and this child was put up for adoption.

    Throughout the trial it was discovered that Michele Kalina is deeply troubled, suffering from severe mental illness which she tried to self-medicate using alcohol. The DA pressed-on, calling Kalina "brazen" and the judge also rejected her mental illness when deciding the case.