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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Redesigning Efforts Underway

I know I said I wasn't going to redesign The OddBlog, but there are changes afoot. And I may redesign The OddBlog.

While I love this template (generously provided by a third-party whose name escapes me, but is available somewhere on here), I need more room. Aside from that, the purpose here has always been to make it easier for researchers and armchair enthusiasts to find actual stories, folklore, theories, and information pertaining to the subjects we cover, and the current format simply does not facilitate this.

Blogger has a new(ish?) feature that allows me to choose only the tags I want you to see. I am playing with this now. If you are having problems finding anything or have any suggestions, please let me hear them!


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  1. There is now a way to manipulate the tags so that only the ones you choose are shown. AFAIK, the rest of the tags still show on individual posts and pages.