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Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Cat Slaughters Welsh Livestock

A jet-black cat described as a panther has become the center of nearly 10 sightings in and around Pembrokeshire, where it has attacked livestock. Authorities have collected photographs, tracks and prints, and eyewitness accounts and are convinced a Big Cat is loose in the area and is responsible for the attacks. Some stories claim the cat was seen with a cub, leading others to conclude there may be as many as three Big Cats in the Princes Gate area.

Experts agree there are hallmarks of the attacks that are consistent with large cats, but remain skeptical. Some say the paw print in question belongs to a dog, but police and wildlife experts are investigating. Farmers in the area have reason to worry, though. An ewe was literally torn apart, a calf was killed, and one eyewitness claims the cat was seen with a lamb in its mouth.

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